Episode 9

Published on:

19th Oct 2021

Bonus E05 - MORE Live Interviews From The Extraction Expo Floor

Another installment of in-person interviews recorded on the floor of The Extraction Expo in Los Angeles! In this episode we have some short interviews with the great guests listed below:

Sheldon Lotspeich - Founder & CEO of Carbon Chemistry

Cameron Matin - Director Of Accounts at Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs

Neena Batth-Sihota - Founder & CEO of SanDayV

Radiant Hoang - Founder & CEO of Delta Munchies

Devon Miller - Founder & CEO of Hi On Nature

George Stantchev - CEO of Comerg

Karen Galas - CEO of Alchemy Extractors

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The Modern Extractor is a podcast about the processes, equipment, and science found inside a cannabis extraction laboratory. Season one focuses on the process of ethanol extraction and post processing into either distillate or isolate. Season two focuses on hydrocarbon extraction and the craft concentrates that it can produce. Each episode digs deep into a particular stage in the extraction and finishing processes, and we discuss the various approaches with industry expert guests. Episodes are released in an order which follows the work flow through a lab, following material closely through the process from cultivar to concentrate.